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Hand Surgery

Hand function is highly complex and requires careful assessment. If surgery is necessary, I will ensure you have the safest, least invasive operation to obtain the best outcome. Most of the operations I perform can be carried out with you awake, with minimal downtime.

Skin Surgery

Lumps, bumps, moles and skin cancers can be safely removed under local anaesthetic with great care in placing the finest scar possible. Old scars from trauma, burns or previous surgery can be refashioned in a way to improve the appearance and make them less noticeable. 


Botox and fillers are injectable treatments to soften and smooth facial lines. The aim is to provide subtle, natural results to restore a more youthful appearance. 

Aesthetic Surgery

Aesthetic surgery can be a way of enhancing or rejuvenating part of your body. Procedures aimed at improving appearance often provide a significant functional improvement too. Whatever the procedure you are considering, I will use both reconstructive and aesthetic principles to obtain the optimal result.

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