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Lumps, bumps and moles can be removed for cosmetic reasons, or because they have recently changed or maybe causing discomfort.


Any changing mole or ulcer on your skin should be reviewed by a specialist. 

Most skin lesions can be removed quickly under local anaesthetic with minimal downtime. 

Great care is taken to ensure the best cosmetic result with the finest scar possible. This is particularly important if the lesion to be removed is on your face. 

If you have lesion which has turned into a skin cancer, a wider area of skin may need to be removed to ensure all the cancerous cells are gone and to reduce the risk of recurrence. Occasionally this requires reconstruction of the defect using a skin graft or local flap (moving the nearby skin into the defect). 


Scars are permanent so will never disappear completely. But, the appearance of scars can be greatly improved with plastic surgery. 

Scars may be from old injuries such as deep cuts and burns, or from previous surgery. Poor scarring can lead to raised and lumpy scars, dented in hollow scars or tight scars crossing joints limiting movement. 

Various techniques are implemented to remove the old scar and create a new, more aesthetic scar, making it much less noticable and improving function. 

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